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IT Service Provider Acquisitions: 3 ways to set new partnerships up for success

Few business owners I know are pleased to find out that a service provider of theirs has been acquired. This is especially true in the case of managed IT service providers, who more or less hold your ability to operate in their hands. If this provider...
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The Risks of Giving Your Employees the Technology They Want

Technology service providers have been preaching standardization since the 90s.
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Key Elements of Due Diligence When Considering a Cloud Solution

For years providers have been touting the benefits of a migration to the cloud: increased productivity, morale, and security, and decreased management burden and risk of downtime.
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Slack vs Microsoft Teams: Which is Best for Your Business?

By now you’ve probably heard about Slack, the fastest-growing Software-as-a-Service startup ever, and a $5 billion business just 5 years after its launch.
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Still Wary About Security in the Cloud? Here's What to Look For

As originally published in the American City Business Journals.     The cloud computing market is, in three letters, H-O-T.   While hosted email and file storage have been massively popular for some time now, full cloud infrastructure is also on an...
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How to Ruin Your Software Selection Process

Just the other week I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of fundraising consultants in DC. These consultants serve nonprofit clients exclusively, and were having trouble finding proper guidance on donor management software.   There were two main...
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