How to Protect Yourself Online...and at Home Depot

A few months ago I went to Home Depot to buy some light bulbs. I think I spent around $18. Now my credit card could be compromised.

Home Depot recently announced that potentially 60 million customers’ credit card numbers had been compromised in more than 2,200 store locations throughout the U.S. and Canada since April. Security experts agree that the hackers responsible used malware that infected the point-of-sale systems that process credit card swipes. This is the same type of malware that was responsible for the Target breach.

My goodness. Can we not even swipe our cards anymore without worrying that our personal finances will be wrecked? Is our data safe anywhere today?

Unfortunately, not really. And although the thought is more than a little unsettling, we can’t control hackers’ inventiveness and persistence, and we can’t control the security budgets and safeguards for all major retailers. What we can do, however, is think carefully about what we can control...

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