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Implementation vs. Adoption: How to successfully roll out a new technology solution

For more sessions in our ongoing Technology Education Series -- including all previous sessions available on-demand -- click here! When it comes to rolling out a new technology solution at your organization, there are a lot of boxes to check from both a...
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Should You Have a Team Full of Slackers? (Infographic)

Are you considering Slack at your organization?   It's a smart question to ask. Slack, an incredibly popular communication platform, now boasts: 500,000 organizations on board (70,000 paying) 8 million daily active users (3 million paid) 10 hours of...
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Review of Slack Communication Tool for Business

If you’re like many organizations, you might find yourself juggling a whole host of different communication tools. You have your email, an instant messaging application, a separate video conferencing tool, another platform for virtual water cooler talk…...
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How to Choose the Right EMR System for Home Health Care

For the home health care industry in particular, properly and intelligently managing your clients, caregivers, and medical records is absolutely critical to the success of your mission and the quality of the care you’re providing.   This, by extension,...
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How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform

Despite any trends toward replacing email with things like instant messaging or video conferencing, mass emailing remains a staple when it comes to marketing tactics.   Choosing the right platform for these email marketing campaigns, however, can start...
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How to Choose the Right Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

For nonprofits—of the 501c3 variety especially—properly managing your donations, the life of each donation, and your donors themselves is absolutely critical to the success of your organization and the advancement of your mission.   This, by extension,...
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