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What Are the Problems With Businesses Being "Bleeding Edge"?

Technology develops at an astonishingly rapid pace. Just 15 years ago we had to choose between using our landline or using the Internet. Now, you could be reading this article on your tablet while talking on your phone using a Bluetooth headset while...
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Physical Servers vs Virtual Servers for Business

Servers: the foundation of your IT systems, and the powerhouse for your mission-critical company data.   When it comes to crafting your organization’s infrastructure, there are two main options to compare: a physical server environment, or a virtual...
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The Best Remote Access Solutions for Business (Reviews/Ratings)

Being able to securely access your business files and documents from anywhere is now just as important as being able to receive your email from anywhere.  In today’s world, business – quite literally – moves at the speed of light.  Many times, you need...
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