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How Much Does Data Backup Cost for Associations (Trade/Professional)?

Your server goes down. It doesn’t matter why—all that matters is that your network is down, and you and your 40 staff members need to get back up and running.   With your current backup solution, it takes three days to get that server rebuilt and...
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How to Choose the Right Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

For nonprofits—of the 501c3 variety especially—properly managing your donations, the life of each donation, and your donors themselves is absolutely critical to the success of your organization and the advancement of your mission.   This, by extension,...
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How Much Does Strategic IT Planning Cost for Associations (Trade/Professional)?

For trade and professional associations in particular, technology can have an incredibly large impact on the efficiency of your operations and the overall success of your mission.   Unfortunately, this kind of harmony between IT and business does not...
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How Much Does an Office Move Cost for Nonprofits?

Office moves are a pain in the neck. There’s just no way around it. Even if you’re moving up to bigger and better things, the process of picking up your entire organization and placing it back down is incredibly complex and stressful, not to mention hard...
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