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What is "Vishing" and How Can You Stay Protected?

Previously we’ve published several articles about email phishing scams and how to best avoid them. We even put together an infographic on the Top 5 Phishing Red Flags, which you can take a look at here. What we haven’t yet discussed is a different kind...
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Educating is Serving is Selling

I was on the phone with a prospect the other day and we were discussing cloud options. He said to me: “Yes, I know Optimal Networks bought a cloud company so I’m sure you are trying to get everyone to migrate over.” My response? “We would never urge you...
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How Does Your Organization Handle a Service Crisis?

I’m sure you have a plan in place for a communications and public relations crisis, a physical crisis, and an operational crisis—but do you have a plan in place for a service crisis? When your client is sick of telling you about problems and ready to...
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