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The Customer is Always...You

My girlfriend and I went out to dinner a few weeks ago and we had an exceptional waiter. More than just refilling our glasses at the right moment or getting all of the orders right, he made service an art form—and took creative license. Case(s) in point:...
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Service is Service is Service, Right?

Wrong. Let’s talk grocery shopping. I love to grocery shop. I am a loyal customer at my chosen grocery store, the staff is always friendly (although I rarely encounter the same person twice), and I have a rewards card which helps inform the coupons I...
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Using Service Powers for Good

I traveled to South Carolina a few months ago to meet some buddies. As always, after I deplaned, I walked over to the Enterprise counter to pick up my car. When I got in my car, though, it was really dirty… so back to the counter I went. The Enterprise...
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License to Change

A few weeks ago I went to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Stop right here. I know what you are thinking… “David is going to tell us another bad service story and this time, I could have written his blog entry because the MVA is...
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Lessons in Service from Nairobi

In July, Forbes put out an interesting piece titled "Why Everyone Should Do Customer Support." Ever since reading the piece, I’ve been thinking about the following line: “By allocating more time to listen you tend to spend less time building and...
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