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How Much Does a Cloud (Virtual) Desktop Cost?

More and more, organizations are looking for technology solutions that eliminate the burden of hardware and increase the mobility of their workforce. Perhaps one of the most attractive of these solutions is cloud desktops (also known as hosted desktops,...
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How Much Does Cloud Computing Cost?

When you’re calculating the cost of your next big trip to Europe, there’s a whole laundry list of specifics that feed into each portion of your budget. Take airfare, for example.  Wrapped up in this charge are: the city you’re leaving from, your time of...
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Service is in the Eye of the Recipient

Any time a merger or acquisition happens, there is not only the issue of on-boarding two different sets of employees, but of onboarding two different sets of clients. And sometimes, the latter challenge requires more strategy. When Optimal merged with...
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Educating is Serving is Selling

I was on the phone with a prospect the other day and we were discussing cloud options. He said to me: “Yes, I know Optimal Networks bought a cloud company so I’m sure you are trying to get everyone to migrate over.” My response? “We would never urge you...
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