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Do I Need a CIO for My Law Firm?

This is going to be a short read.   When it comes to whether or not your law firm needs a CIO, the greatest and most clear indicator is that you’re asking the question to begin with.   After helping DC law firms navigate technology for nearly 25 years,...
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How Much Does Hiring a CIO Cost for Associations? (Trade/Professional)

Where C-level executives are concerned, “CIO” is one of the newcomers in the game; not many associations were concerned about aligning their overall strategy with their technology resources back in the seventies.   But as organizations become more and...
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How Much Does Hiring a CIO Cost for Law Firms?

Law firms cannot function without intelligent, reliable technology systems.   We’ve talked about this before, whether it’s within the context of strategic consulting, backup and disaster recovery, or just plain outsourcing IT. Firms must be up and...
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