Top 8 Teleworking Considerations for Executives


As more organizations shift to teleworking in response to the coronavirus outbreak, many business leaders find themselves navigating brand new territory.

Even if part of your workforce regularly works from home at least part of the time, having your entire team at home for weeks at a time is a much different dynamic that presents both opportunities and challenges.

If your organization is not accustomed to extended teleworking, here are key items that your leadership needs to consider sooner rather than later:

  1. How your team will access all files, email, and applications from home
  2. How you’ll answer incoming calls
  3. How you’ll communicate and collaborate with each other internally
  4. What happens in cases of poor or unreliable home internet
  5. What happens in cases of faulty or unreliable equipment
  6. What happens to mail and shipments to your office
  7. How you’ll handle client visits or meetings that your team is already committed to
  8. How you’ll handle any employee onboarding or termination during this time

The more clarity and guidance you can provide to your team up front, the more comfortable they will feel with the upheaval.

For a deeper dive into how you can set your organization up for a successful remote work experience, Optimal's CEO and COO delivered a public webinar, Teleworking Safely and Effectively During Coronavirus on March 18, 2020. Their discussion focuses on: 

  • What proactive measures to take if you aren't already teleworking
  • How to set up a productive work environment at home
  • Short-term solutions for communicating and collaborating internally
  • What new scams and security traps you need to look out for
  • Security policies you need to implement to stay protected from anywhere

You can access and view the recording of this webinar here.

Stay safe!

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