Should You Have a Team Full of Slackers? (Infographic)

Are you considering Slack at your organization?
It's a smart question to ask. Slack, an incredibly popular communication platform, now boasts:

  • 500,000 organizations on board (70,000 paying)
  • 8 million daily active users (3 million paid)
  • 10 hours of average use per day

We've been using Slack at Optimal for about a year and a half now, and have been stunned by the results we've seen:

  • Reduced internal email clutter, which has done wonders for our stress levels and our productivity
  • More seamless collaboration, which allows us to better serve our clients
  • A more unified team, which improves morale and retention, especially among our remote teammates

If you're looking to get the conversation started at your own company, here's an infographic we put together that should help guide the discussion. Should you decide that Slack might be a good fit for you and that you'd like some help with the design, implementation, and support of this package let us know -- we can help!


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