Top Cybersecurity Stats Every Managing Partner Needs to Know

According to the 2016 ILTA survey, security is absolutely top-of-mind for law firms. This is for good reason – threats continue to be on the rise, and the cost of a breach is astronomical from both a financial and reputation standpoint.
We at Optimal have been working with law firms in the Washington DC Metro area for over 25 years, and we know how valuable time is in your industry. That’s why we’ve boiled the current cybersecurity landscape down to the essentials.


Here are the most important facts and figures to know:
  • Law firms are a top target for cybercriminals – The legal industry is the fifth most vulnerable to cyberattacks1
  • Every person’s inbox is a minefield – 1 in 131 emails sent in 2016 was malicious2 
  • …And it’s one of your biggest risks – 95% of successful cyberattacks are the result of a phishing scam3
  • Security awareness training is becoming the norm – 62% of firms have a formal education program in place4 
  • …Because it’s a powerful defense – Investing in training can reduce the risk of a breach by as much as 70%5

For a more detailed discussion of the top cybersecurity threats to law firms, how to stay protected from malware, and what prevention is going to cost you, download our free eBook, Law Firms and Cybersecurity, here:

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