Review of the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for Business


Let me start out by saying that the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro has not been designed or touted as a business machine. Our company uses Lenovo ThinkPad models internally, and we supply many of our clients with similar devices for their own organizations.
But when I saw this machine, I had to have it, and I had to see if I could make it work in a corporate setting.
Specifically, I purchased the Lenovo Yoga 4 Pro with Windows 8.1 Home (Windows 7 shell), an i7 core processor, and 8GB RAM. In other words, I basically got the most robust version of this machine in terms of memory, storage, and overall computing power.
Now when I go on client meetings and start folding my laptop over on itself, you can imagine that I get quite a few raised eyebrows followed by questions about how I like the machine, and how well it works on a day-to-day basis.
So, what does the COO of a technology services firm have to say about it? Below I’ll work through the pros, the cons, and ultimately whether or not I think this machine is a good fit for business.

What makes the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro a good fit for business?

  • Versatility. The Yoga was designed to have four distinct “modes” of use: laptop, stand, tent, and tablet (here’s a video to give you a visual). I was a bit concerned that all modes other than “laptop” would be a little glitchy, but this is not the case in the least; all four modes are equally as effective, and I’m finding more and more opportunities to use each of them as time goes on (tent mode, for example, is fantastic for intimate meeting presentations).
  • Responsiveness. The touch screen works. I don’t have to poke the same area three times before my click registers, and I don’t have to jiggle the machine up and down for it to realize that I’ve folded it into a new mode. 
  • Speed. This thing is powerful. My companies CRM is nothing to sneeze at, yet I can be inside this massive database and three other applications at the same time without any hiccups or hesitation with my performance.

  • Battery Life. I’ve had my machine for over a year, yet I can still get 7-9 hours out of a single charge. Granted, I have made some minor adjustments to my power settings to help conserve the battery, but nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Portability. It’s light, it’s sleek, and I have no trouble carting it from meeting to meeting—even if there’s a flight or two somewhere in the mix.


What makes the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro a bad fit for business?

  • Connectivity. You cannot connect to a network/domain without Windows 8 Professional on your machine. Even then, you’ll need to get an adapter since there’s no Ethernet port. Since there’s no Ethernet port, there has to be wireless connectivity wherever you use the machine.

  • Ports. There are two USB ports on my machine. That’s it. I didn’t realize how many ports I used until I had to go without, and it can be a struggle to connect everything I need. Sure, you could get an adapter, but most of us prefer not to have a bunch of additional parts to carry around on top of our laptop—especially when we’re on the go.

  • Keyboard. No matter how clean your hands are, or how many times you wipe the keyboard and mousepad down, it always looks smudged and greasy. While I’m well aware that this is partly a personal peeve of mine, it can make a poor impression on, say, prospective clients you’re trying to impress. 


What’s our final say?

Even with those drawbacks in mind, this is the best laptop I’ve ever owned. I have the power and functionality of a laptop, the responsiveness of a tablet, and outrageous wireless capabilities across the board.
So, while this isn’t your standard “business” laptop, I would encourage you to give it a look when it comes time to upgrade your machine; I haven’t regretted my decision, and I don’t think you will, either.
And, be sure to keep an eye out for the ThinkPad Yoga 3, which I don’t doubt will address each and every one of the “complaints” I’ve addressed in this review.

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