How Much Does Server Monitoring Cost?

Ensuring server health is critical to the success of an organization’s operations, so it’s no wonder that many people are wondering how much it costs to monitor a server’s performance. It’s an important question not only for budgeting purposes, but also so that you can make sure you aren’t being grossly overcharged.
It may seem like a simple question to answer, but as is usually the case when you’re talking price, there are multiple factors that come into play (yes, “it depends”). Below is how we break down the variations to our clients.

What is Server Monitoring?

At the functional level, server monitoring is a service that actively watches the device’s performance to make sure that it stays up and running, and that any issues that arise are seen and addressed before they negatively impact your business.
If we break the service down into components, there are three that generally come standard in any server monitoring package:

  • Basic monitoring with alert generation
  • Automatic patch application to the server’s operating system
  • Management reports that show inventory, uptime, and so forth


Are There Different Kinds of Server Monitoring?

Absolutely. While most monitoring packages have the same basic elements at their core, that’s just the beginning; from here, you begin to see nuances in the level of visibility that the monitoring service offers:

-Do you only receive alerts when a server is completely down?

-Can you tell if specific services or applications are running properly at any given time?

-Are you able to see different health statistics and sub-optimal operating parameters?

-If something were to go wrong, will a remediation team see and be able to react without your intervention?

All these layers may seem like overkill for a basic service, but depending on what problem you are trying to solve, your needs are going to vary.
If, for example, you have an internal IT team that is responsible for managing your servers, but you need to make sure they receive real-time notice of any problems that arise, a very low-level package may be sufficient.  But if you outsource all your technology support, then you will want to err on the high side of the support spectrum.

Average Monthly Pricing for Server Monitoring

The greater the depth of your service, the more you’re going to pay to receive it.
Generally speaking, you’ll find Managed Service Providers offering server monitoring in the range of $75-$140 per server per month.
Sometimes, there will also be more expensive bundles that include unlimited remote management and remediation. These monitoring/support packages typically range from $200-$400 per server per month.
Regardless of where your provider falls in this scale, be sure that you ask what exactly is included in your particular package, and what may end up incurring additional charges down the road. After all, no one likes surprises where invoices are concerned.
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Have questions about what kinds of server monitoring packages are out there?  Not sure which best fits your needs? Let us know--we can help.