They’re Charging for an Arm and a Leg

Yes, you read that correctly. At the rate we are going, airlines are going to start charging for every limb that accompanies you on your flight. Don't laugh. It's not that far-fetched considering Spirit Airline's new policy of charging for carry-on bags.

This new policy is unacceptable; I had to laugh when Spirit Airline’s CEO did the news show circuit describing the policy as “groundbreaking.” How is a profit-driven shift without any acknowledgement of the consumer, the marketplace, or the current economy groundbreaking? How does a company with already low customer service ratings feel entitled to, once again, put profit before people? And is it only a coincidence that the airline with the best customer service ratings (Southwest) doesn’t even charge for two checked bags?

It’s time for a customer service revolution, folks. In a free-market, consumer society, the customer should be dictating the terms based on purchasing decisions. Refuse to fly Spirit—and refuse to give your hard-earned money to companies who would rather charge more than cut costs and revamp their service practices. Stand up for your right to better service. Make your next purchase a statement.

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  • Do you agree? Do you think a customer service revolution is in order?
  • Do you think purchasing decisions can influence service standards?
  • Is there a company that has earned your lifelong loyalty solely through the quality of their service?
  • Would you be willing to pay more for a product or service if you were guaranteed a pleasant experience and outstanding service?

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