The Service Story

So, I was in an accident a few weeks ago. No worries, I’m fine. My car, however, is not. And, as I’ve been searching for a new one, I’ve found myself going beyond price and car safety ratings research. I’ve been scouring the Internet for customer feedback—about the car, about dealerships where they bought the car, about maintenance to the car, etc. It’s almost addictive because with the onslaught of blogs, there is a plethora of information out there. Most importantly, I’m finding out a lot more about the car than I would have had I just done the traditional car and dealership research. Customer feedback is where the truth is.

Throughout this process, I’ve been thinking more and more about the importance of customer and client feedback to prospects. If you are a company, you need to be telling your service story through your customers/clients. If you are a potential customer/client, you need to be listening to these service stories and, if they are unavailable, consider taking your business elsewhere. There’s something strange about an organization that can’t at least give you a list of references. If you are a current, satisfied client/consumer, you need to be willing to tell your story. We all take time to fill out complaint cards; very rarely do we take the time to leave a positive note for a company that has impressed us.

Optimal conducts a client survey every 6 months. We do what many companies do—ask about problems, concerns, areas of improvement, etc. The next one we send out, I think we are going to add questions that ask about positive service experiences. Give our clients a chance to tell their service story. I know our prospects will be out there listening.

I want to hear from you! Respond to one, all or none of the questions below. I just want to hear your thoughts! And, if you post a response, be sure to check back for a reply!

  • Do you agree? Do you think most consumers search for others’ end-user experience before making a purchase?
  • Which company tells their service story especially well? Which one does it poorly?
  • As a consumer, would you be willing to take the time to tell your service story if an organization impressed you?