The iPhone5 and Expectations

I had to get the iPhone5—and I’m very glad I did.

Everything about it is just a little bit better than my 4s.  I like that it is 20% lighter and thinner because I carry it in my pocket, I love the higher-quality camera, and I’m impressed with the new power adapter.

Is it an industry-changing innovation?  No.  But it is exactly what it should be—a lighter, prettier, and overall improved version of the 4s.  Everything about this phone is just a tad better than the one before it, which is Apple’s time-tested pattern.

David decided not to get the iPhone5 because the improvements weren't enough to impress him (read what he had to say about it here). And, while I agree with his point that if you have the iPhone4s, the iPhone 5 is probably not a necessary investment, I disagree with the basis for his frustrations.

Apple is a leader in innovation. The company comes into a fragmented market and puts out a product whose design towers so far above the existing products that it, in essence, defines that market for years to come. Then, once Apple turns the industry on its head, it slowly improves on its game-changing innovations through subsequent releases. It is their pattern, and it works. Why would we expect them to make a massive breakthrough (and compete with themselves) in a market they have already redefined?

If you understand that about Apple, then you understand that you can’t expect ground-breaking, market-changing, innovation every single time.  I predict solid, incremental improvements in Apple’s innovations for at least five years without any trailblazing announcements or product releases.   In fact, I don’t know if we will ever see the kind of prolific market redefinition and domination sequence that was Jobs’ special brand of genius after his passing. Time will tell. Until then though, this tech addict will get just about every new release Apple puts out—and enjoy the meaningful improvements each time.

Click on the video below to hear David and I hash it out.


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