Service and the Ask

Optimal is all about service. We live it, we breath it; if we could, we’d eat it. Premium client service comes first and the rest follows. But, what if it doesn’t? What if doing the right thing isn’t enough to generate referrals?

This is the situation in which we found ourselves a few years ago. We had a group of service purists—those who thought that asking for anything after providing exemplary service was negating the service experience. There were others who thought that asking for referrals after a job well done was just good business sense. So we discussed. And talked. And met. And analyzed. And we came to the conclusion that providing premium service and talking about providing that premium service were not mutually exclusive. We discovered that communicating confidence (as opposed to conceit) did not lessen our commitment to service. But it took time, and a slight perspective shift. And the courage to tell our story so that we could continue to provide the level of service for which we are known.

What do you think? Has your organization's service culture had a similar unintended consequence?

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