Seeking: Service Metrics

A few months ago, I flew Southwest Airlines (a wonderful service organization, as I think I’ve mentioned before). Unfortunately, my luggage took a different flight; I was given a free flight as compensation for the inconvenience. A month went by and I received a phone call from Southwest. They were calling because I had not used the free flight yet and they wanted to make sure that I was going to do so to provide them with another chance to win me over. This was a service call to make sure that their method of compensation was sufficient and that they had not lost a customer! I was so impressed and told the customer service representative. His response? “We track everything.”

After this experience, I began looking at our service metrics. We track client retention, we have client service executive meetings to discuss client successes and failures, and we send out a client survey twice a year that contains service-specific questions and we compile that data. But, as the COO and service guru, clients generally don’t hear from me unless there is a problem. Should I be making check-in calls? What else should I be tracking? How can I make an abstract concept measurable? So, this month I’m coming to you for answers. I’m seeking additional and unique service metrics from my Common Man devotees.

So, this time YOU MUST RESPOND!

  • What does your organization do to measure service quality? What do you track? What do you do with the data?
  • Is there an organization that has a service measurement process that has impressed you? How so?
  • Is it easier to measure service standards in a B-to-C environment? If yes, why? If no, why?
  • Do you have good examples of service measurements in a B-to-B environment?

Post your response! I’m excited about beginning this dialogue!