Forgettable…in Every Way

There is a restaurant on my way home from work—very close to where I live. The service isn’t spectacular, the food isn’t fabulous, the staff isn’t special. It is every way. Still, it is the restaurant I eat at most often. Crazy, right? This got me thinking...if I, as the service guy, can accept middle-of-the-road service in exchange for convenience, how many other people are doing the same thing?

I think many of us are doing this. And I think price and convenience are the two factors that most often persuade us to compromise our service standards. So, are we doing ourselves a disservice? By tolerating this middle-of-the-road service, are we reinforcing bad business practices because we keep coming back to these establishments? Yes and no. Yes, I’m reinforcing the restaurant management’s complacency because I keep returning, but I’m also hurting them. I would never recommend this restaurant to anybody. I never go there for special occasions. I would never take my girlfriend there. I am a repeat customer but not a referable customer. And this can be dangerous to a business. In me, they have a consistent customer; they do not have a customer who will bring others in the door.

I want to hear from you! Respond to one, all, or none of the questions below. I just want to hear your thoughts! And, if you post a response, be sure to check back for a reply!

  • Do you think there is such a thing as middle-of-the-road service? Or should this type of service be classified as “bad” service?
  • Can you share a situation in which you compromised service for price or convenience?
  • Do you think compromising our service standards reinforces middle-of-the-road service? 

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