Exceptional Service Requires Research

You’ve reached a service rhythm that works for the majority of your clients. They are happy, you are happy. In fact, your customer interactions aren’t just transactional, they are conversational. Heck, you know the names of their kids (and ask about them). Life is good. Then, one of your clients merges with another organization. Along with more employees, they now have more service or product offerings. And a completely different culture. How should your service style change? (And yes, it should change.)

When your organization decides to target people or organizations different from those you have been serving, research is key. Don’t assume that your old service standards will still be applicable to your changing client base. Learn about the politics of these new prospects/clients; understand how they define value. Then, readjust your service style to accommodate them. Truly exceptional service requires research—and an individualized approach for each client.

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  • Do you agree? Do you think service should be tailored to individual clients/customers?
  • Do you disagree? Do you think exceptional service is universal?
  • Is there an organization that tailors its service provisions based on different customers?

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