Check Service Before Purchase

I like gadgets. And I’m surrounded by people who like gadgets. So, we are always talking about features of this phone, benefits of this tablet, etc. But one thing that always surprises me – whether I’m engaged in a conversation with a tech-savvy client or a more tech-naïve friend – is the fact that gadget consumers rarely take service into account before making a purchase. It is all about the cool, the fast, the product. I would argue, however, that the product is only as good as the product’s support. After all, how cool is that new tablet if it crashes and you can’t get in touch with a human being to fix it?

That’s why before I buy any gadget, in addition to researching the product and reading many user forums, I always check the product reviews on CNET. Their reviews are thorough, and I pay special attention to their editor and user picks. When reading the reviews, pay attention to the support experience. It won’t take you long to discover the correlation between a highly-rated (and recommended) product and an easy, customer-friendly support process. Check the service and support policies and procedures before you make your next purchase — and let me know how it goes.

What do you think?

  • Does a really great product make up for a bad support process or customer service?
  • Can a great support experience make up for a mediocre product?
  • Do the best products/services often come with the best warranties, guarantees, and support processes?

Post your response—and check back for a reply!