Are You the Reason for Poor Customer Service?

At the height of the HD buzz, I bought an HD TV. I knew just enough about the then-new technology to be dangerous. I looked at a few models, asked some questions (just enough to make me look like I knew what I was talking about), and purchased the TV. Once I got it home and hooked up, I was disappointed on almost all levels. And I had no one to blame but myself.

It’s a universal truth: we fear humiliation. That’s why we don’t ask questions—even when those questions can improve a customer service experience and make the difference between a horrible and wonderful purchasing decision. The people who admit they don’t know everything about everything to themselves and others are the ones who ask the questions necessary to make an informed purchase. They are the ones who get the customer service we all deserve. When I purchased my TV, I didn’t receive poor customer service. My fear of looking unformed dictated my experience; I chose not to receive the best service possible. Be ok with vulnerability; be ok with not knowing. Then ask, and see how your customer experience across all industries improves.

I want to hear from you! Respond to one, all, or none of the questions below. I just want to hear your thoughts! And, if you post a response, be sure to check back for a reply!

  • Have you made a bad purchase because you were afraid of asking questions?
  • Are you a person who asks questions before making purchases? How would you rate your level of satisfaction with the customer service you receive?
  • Do you think fear of engaging service reps in meaningful conversations contributes to the perception of poor customer service or not?

Post your response!