Politics and Service: Not-so Strange Bedfellows

Like most people, both here and abroad, I am paying closer attention to our Presidential elections than ever before. The historic possibilities, coupled with the events of the day, have captured my attention in a way that was missing before. As a result of my new-found interest, I'm listening to political programming on the radio (POTUS 08, channel 130 for you XM Radio subscribers), watching political commentary on CNN, reading political newspapers like The Politico; and oh yes, speeches. I've heard speeches from every major candidate, both Democrat and Republican, and lots of high-minded rhetoric from just about every political analysis on the planet.

With everything I've read and heard during this primary season, it's no wonder we are so jaded when it comes to politicians and politics. Let's face it, as public servants hired by the people they represent, most do a terrible job at providing service to their customers. At the very basis of this bad service is the complete disregard for the very basic irrefutable law of service; underpromise and overdeliver. As a matter of fact, politicians do the exact opposite in almost every case, leaving no place to go but down when it comes to actual service delivery (it's all about the service!). Does anyone actually believe that one person will be able to end a war, change America's dependency on foreign fuels, curb outsourcing, and remove outside influence on public policy; all in four years? No matter which presidential candidate you support, each overpromises in much the same way as the candidates before them. Inevitably, each will provide bad service by failing to deliver on promises he/she has made in an effort to get elected.

Customers, voters, Americans;†we must†demand more from service than this.