Enough of Poor Service!!

I am tired of receiving poor service!! The quality of service delivery has become so bad that we as paying customers have almost given up on the idea that we are important to an organization's fiscal survival, and should be valued. Go into a Best Buy, or call Comcast, and you will be quickly reminded that it is your privilege to walk into one of their stores or use their cable network. Customers are no longer important, and as a result, treating them well has now become optional. Sure, there are isolated pockets of the globe where customers are still treated as priceless gems (Nordstrom and Southwest Airlines to name a few), but most of our customer service stories center around some service misstep that has come to be expected rather than a glowing review of service done right that we all crave, but seldom see.

Well, it's time for us to demand more out of our interactions with the people we pay to provide us with great service. The Common Man is my shot over the bow of the armada of bad service forming against society. It is also a call to arms for every person who has ever received terrible service but felt there was nothing he/she could do about it. This is a revolution! But there's more - if you are a true Service Professional, this is your place to rebel against those in our industry who give great service a bad name. If we don't stand against service tyranny now, great service delivery could be lost forever.

There; I have drawn my line in the sand (and used as many dramatic analogies as one should use in a blog post). Who is with me?