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ALA Webinar Registration

Join ALA Gold Partner Optimal Networks as they kick off their 3-part webinar series designed to help your firm maintain security, operations, and productivity during this period of extended teleworking.

All webinars in the series will be 30 minutes of content, with as much open Q&A as is needed.

Details and registration links for each session in the series are below. 



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Teleworking Safely | Friday April 3rd | 1:00 EST

A deeper dive into keeping firm data secure from home

Session Focus: How to shore up your security now that you're accessing firm data from (often vulnerable) home environments, and facing ever-evolving virus-related scams.


  • How teleworking changes the nature of security
  • How scammers are exploiting heightened fear and anxiety
  • What common vulnerabilities you need to audit for
  • What specific strategies and tools will mitigate these vulnerabilities
  • How to manage adoption of these strategies and tools from afar

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Sustaining Remote Work | Tuesday April 7th | 4:00 EST

Strategies for maintaining firm operations and billability while teleworking

Session Focus: Tactics and strategies to maintain your firm's operations (and continue billing) while your attorneys and staff all work from home.


  • How to set up an effective workspace and what the firm should contribute
  • How to onboard and terminate employees remotely
  • How to run productive virtual meetings
  • What processes (HR, billing, etc.) should be in the cloud and how to get them there
  • What processes cannot be automated or made digital and how to make do
  • How to ensure productivity when you can't see your team

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Firm Culture During COVID-19 | Wednesday April 15th | 4:00 EST

How to keep a dispersed team engaged and productive virtually

Session Focus: How to maintain employee engagement while your attorneys and staff are not only widely dispersed, but feeling the effects of isolation and anxiety.


  • How culture and engagement impact your bottom line
  • What happened to our culture when we went virtual
  • Strategies and tools for delivering your culture digitally
  • How to maintain alignment within groups and firm-wide
  • How to measure the impact of your efforts

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