spotON Technology Trends 

Want a look ahead at the technology trends most likely to affect your business over the coming months? 

Our spotON Technology Trends report will walk you through the most pressing trends, why they matter to you, and what action we recommend you take. Our current topics are: 

  • Home Offices. As we shifted to working remotely, organizations suddenly became at least partially responsible for the performance and security of dozens of individual home networks.

  • Document Collaboration. While many had been slow to adopt digital document collaboration, necessity has pushed us into a motley collection of tools that are not aligned with best practices.

  • Digital Fatigue. Video conferencing is a useful alternative to in-person meetings, but an excess of meetings can lead to disengagement even with more extroverted employees.

  • Employee Migration. With the pandemic cutting ties to our physical offices, employees are reevaluating where they live, and employers are reevaluating the need for local talent.

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